Questions to ask asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers

Questions to ask asbestos and Mesothelioma lawyers

When hiring an asbestos and mesothelioma lawyer or asbestos and mesothelioma law firm, it is important to discover the level of experience and comfort that the attorneys have with prosecuting asbestos cases.

The most useful information that you can acquire, either during you free consultation session, or through independent research, is set forth below.

Question 1: How many asbestos and mesothelioma cases has the attorney or law firm successfully prosecuted? Also, how many verdicts have they won.

No matter how much experience a lawyer or law firm has in other areas of the law, mesothelioma and asbestos constitute an entire branch of the law, involving dozens of state and federal laws, regulations, and legal precedents. Even firms claiming to be asbestos or mesothelioma law firms may not actually specialize in those areas. Talk is cheap, and claiming to be a specialist because one has prosecuted a single case in the field is not uncommon. When picking an asbestos law firm, or an even more specialized mesothelioma law firm, it is important to ensure that the lawyer or firm actually has the experience required to obtain a successful outcome. The number of asbestos lawsuits filed and won is a useful piece of the puzzle in assessing the firms viability as an option.

Question 2: Another question to ask is how often the asbestos and mesothelioma law firm actually takes cases to trial?

Do they attempt to settle cases quickly, potentially leaving money on the table? Do they actually have the experience to work through the entire asbestos and mesothelioma litigation process, or do they simply know how to write sufficiently threatening letters. This is very useful information to have at the outset of a case, to know if you asbestos attorney has the fortitude to take things to their logical conclusion if necessary.

Question 3: How many asbestos lawyers does the firm employ?

This is a useful question to ask, as it will hardly do you any good if a single asbestos attorney is handling a hundred or more asbestos law suits at the same time as your own. You should definitely inquire as to the size and extent of a firms asbestos and mesothelioma law practice.

Question 4: You may ask, or independently assess, the total resources available to the asbestos and mesothelioma law firm. Be wary of sole practitioners, and those who may not have the institutional knowledge to successfully prosecute varied cases.

Asbestos law suits may require significant expertise in workplace safety, medical records analysis, and state and federal law court experience. Chances are, larger firms with more employees, both attorneys and administrative staff, will have more of the basic research already on file, and will need less duplication of work in order to understand a circumstance similar to your own.

Question 5: How quickly will a case be brought to trial, or to settlement?

This is useful to know, depending on your state of health and level of urgency, it may or may not be the case that you desire the services of an attorney who can bring your case quickly and efficiently, with a low back log of cases. Sometimes a hasty asbestos law suit means a case that is more likely to be thorough, and therefore less likely to succeed, but their are certainly occasions when time is of the essence. This is useful information to have, whether or not it serves as the basis for you decision.

 Question 6: Does the asbestos law firm specialize in asbestos disease of the type that you actually have?

Mesothelioma lawyers have greater experience with asbestos mesothelioma cancer, and other asbestos lawyers may specialize in another subset of asbestos law, such as asbestosis. Mesothelioma lawyers may also be more expensive to hire, and a general asbestos lawyer may be significantly cheaper to hire, and as effective for your purposes. If a specialist is needed in your case, it may be wise to hire a mesothelioma law firm, instead of a generalist asbestos attorney. This will of course depend on the particular facts of your medical history, and on your economic circumstances.

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